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FactDekho is a secure and reliable New Media curation platform where we bridge the gap between people and News Media. Through this platform, both News media and people from all over the country can share legit facts and information with each other. We give you a platform where you can share information, such as Good Facts, Corruption, Political Facts, Government loop point facts, Society Facts, Accident news, and more. Pick the events that you think are necessary for the whole country to know, share it with us, and News Media will become the voice for you.

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  • FactDekho app collects the news from
    people across the nation. Also, anybody can

    connect to a variety of News Media Houses

    listed in the app to share the information directly.

Media Channel

The news that you will send to us will be shared with News Media to ensure that it is legit news. Once confirmed that the facts and information are authentic, it will be shared with the whole nation.

We have partnered with different types of media houses, like Print Media, broadcast media, and Internet Media, etc.

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Dear News Media Partner, if you wish to get more breaking news for your platform, please feel free to register with FactDekho and receive information daily. In this platform, you will be connecting with people directly.

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